As education purveyors, we know it always helps to break massive tasks (such as coding in ICD-10) down to workable chunks. You know, most used codes, codes specific to a discipline, codes with the most potential impact on compliance and revenue, etc.

In honor of that premise and with Mother’s Day wishes, we present the following timesaver made up of codes related to all things Mom.

Condition Possible causes/aggravating factors Code
Broken back Offspring stepping on crack S32.009A
Broken heart Failure of adult child to call at acceptable intervals I50.33
Sprained wrist Hand-wringing associated with son’s learner’s permit or daughter’s dating preferences S63.501A
Scalp injury Hair-pulling after child changes major to 14th Century Poetry of Upper Lapland S00.03XA
Sore throat Having to say everything “a thousand times” R07.0
Migraine Factors too many to mention (but could be just an excuse to lie quietly in a dark room) G43.909
Stress Repression of suicidal/homicidal urges related to relentless repetitions of “Are we there yet?” F43.0
Fatigue Children repeatedly making her “come over there” R53.83
Heat exhaustion Slaving over a hot stove/service as short-order cook T67.3XXA
Other specified non-psychotic mental disorders Children suspected of purposely trying to drive her crazy F48.8
Ulcers Teenagers K25.9
Complications of childbirth All the hours she was labor, just to deliver an unappreciative child Z37.0


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