Elsevier is proud to work with the following vendors in the delivery of comprehensive ICD and CDI eLearning.


Coding Strategies for specialty coders

Coding Strategies courses provide online coder training in the complex arena of specialty medicine, with lessons centered on:

Diagnostic Radiology
Emergency Medicine
Infusion and Injection
Interventional Radiology

Invasive Cardiology
Pain Management
Radiation Oncology

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CIOX Health’s PRISM Coding Gym

CIOX Health’s PRISM Coding Gym is a robust and engaging practice environment that provides immediate, evaluated feedback on accuracy and productivity, allowing you to address specific skill gaps and deficits.

CIOX Health’s PRISM Coding Gym is the only tool available that eliminates the guesswork around ICD-10.


Nuance/JATA content for physicians

This CDI content describes the clinical presentation by physician specialty using clinical terminology and explains how the terminology is interpreted in the coding classification system, providing physicians with insight into why certain diagnosis codes are selected.

The Nuance/JATA CDI content is sold as one curriculum. It is comprised of two courses: ICD-10 Awareness and Physician Specialty Essentials, for a total of 58 lessons.


HCPro Corporate Compliance Library and HIPAA Privacy and Security eLearning Library™

Compliance with regulatory requirements is an ongoing battle, kept in motion by constant changes in, and expansion of, rules and mandates. It’s critical to arm your staff with the targeted education they need to meet the demands of compliance and fulfill their roles in your success. Our Corporate Compliance and HIPPA libraries, in partnership with HCPro, each consist of six courses and six refresher courses for ongoing annual reinforcement of learning.

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