Training at Your Station

As noted recently on, multiple mandates of healthcare reform make it imperative that hospitals “have an effective revenue cycle management system in place so they can handle the financial pressures that come from regulation.” Still, according to the article, not all are prepared. Reasons include a lack of staff training across the revenue cycle. It […]

CMS Announces New Excluded ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released an alert last week regarding newly excluded ICD diagnosis codes. According to the statement, diagnosis code 999.9 (other and unspecified complications of medical care, not elsewhere classified) will be added to the list of excluded ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes and will no longer be accepted by CMS […]

Why CDI is Important – in Six Figures

Yikes! According to the Office of Inspector General (OIG), a Louisiana hospital incorrectly billed Medicare for claims with a diagnosis of malnutrition (specifically, kwashiorkor), receiving $321,971 in overpayments during a five-year period. As reported on, kwashiorkor, a type of severe protein malnutrition that affects children in subtropical or tropical regions during food shortages, is […]

HIPAA Violations Result in $2.2 Million Settlement

With the complexity and ever-changing nature of healthcare regulations these days, staying on top of the constant changes in, and expansion of, rules and mandates can seem like an overwhelming task. But it’s a critical one for any healthcare organization. Violations of these regulations can have serious financial and legal consequences for everyone involved. Take […]

Learning and the People Who Love it

Recent research from the Pew Research Center determined that a large majority of Americans seek knowledge for personal and work-related reasons. In fact, nearly 75 percent of adults consider themselves lifelong learners. In the category of what Pew calls “professional learners,” 63 percent of those working have taken a course or gotten additional training in […]

CDI, Coding and the Territorial Imperative

A recent article on looked at the dark underbelly of coding and CDI. Didn’t know there was one? Apparently, there can be a severe disconnect between coders and CDI specialists, as each group staunchly defends its territory, ready to engage in disputes that “border on open warfare.” While it’s amusing to think of irate […]

Cracking the Code on Operational Improvements

In a recent blog, CMS Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt shared lessons learned in the implementation of ICD-10 that he sees as guiding principles going forward. They included a customer focus, a high degree of collaboration, responsiveness to issues, accountability in taking action and using metrics to be fully informed. It was good to see such […]

Is your CDI F-I-T?

History tells us that 35 percent of people who resolved to get physically fit in 2016 already have given up. Common reasons/excuses cited include lack of time, expecting too much too soon and the sheer drudgery of keeping up with a diet or workout regimen. It’s not just individuals who can be easily thwarted in […]