The leader in revenue cycle, coding and compliance education, Elsevier has provided guidance to the healthcare industry through numerous coding changes during the past 20 years and has the experience to support your organization in the era of ICD-10 – and beyond.

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Health Science Solutions

Mosby’s Medical Terminology 2.0 fosters understanding of basic medical word structure and abbreviations, as well as correct pronunciation.

Mosby’s Anatomy & Physiology teaches human anatomy and physiology by specialty.

Mosby’s Pathophysiology teaches the pathophysiology of certain diseases and conditions.

Clinical Documentation Improvement Solutions

EduCode® Clinical Documentation Improvement:

Competency Assessment tools to assess staff proficiency. Robust reporting is included, along with recommended assignments to address any weak areas identified by the competency.

Documentation for Clinicians helps providers identify critical documentation requirements based on settings and type of service provided.

Standards and Guidelines helps learners identify regulatory requirements surrounding documentation.

Specialty Classification and Clinical Terminologies focuses on conditions that pose documentation challenges and are most impacted by ICD-10.

EduCode® Doc Briefs

Offers concise online lessons to help physicians and other practitioners understand the specificity requirements of the new coding system. The modules identify the clinical documentation needed to support an admission, justify a diagnostic work-up, validate treatments and services and accurately reflect a patient’s severity of illness.

Nuance /J.A. Thomas (JATA) CDI

CDI describes the clinical presentation by physician specialty using clinical terminology and then explains how the clinical terminology is interpreted in the coding classification system, helping physicians with insight into why certain diagnosis codes are selected.

Coding Solutions:

Knowledge Inventory Tools (KIT) and Competency Assessments can be used as pre or post-assessments and are designed to aid in gap analysis. Lessons can be automatically assigned to learners based on assessment results.

CIOX Health – PRISM Coding Gym

An engaging, user-friendly environment to practice and assess ICD-10 skills. The Gym features hundreds of complete charts and coding explanations. You can augment the public library with your own (de-identified) charts. Data is captured in real-time, enabling immediate evaluated feedback and timely practice opportunities.

EduCode® ICD-10 Essentials:

ICD-10 Orientation is a four-lesson course that provides awareness of the ICD-10-CM/PCS coding systems for non-coding staff.

ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding Fundamentals teaches the differences and similarities of ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM and the documentation necessary to correctly code a disease.

ICD-10-PCS Procedure Coding Fundamentals teaches the differences and similarities of ICD-9-PCS and ICD-10-PCS and the documentation necessary to correctly code an inpatient procedure.

GEMS provides an overview of General Equivalence Mappings and Reimbursement Mappings, with a focus on proper usage, interpretation of data and development of applied mapping.

EduCode® Coding Curriculum:

Introduction to ICD-10-CM Inpatient Diagnosis Coding offers basic education on using the ICD-10-CM coding system for inpatient coding.

Introduction to ICD-10-PCS Inpatient Procedure Coding offers basic education on using ICD-10-PCS for coding inpatient procedures.

Introduction to ICD-10-CM Outpatient Diagnosis Coding offers basic education on using the ICD-10-CM coding system in the outpatient setting.

ICD-10-CM/PCS Specialty Topics for Outpatient Services highlights specialty-specific inpatient coding, with lessons on inpatient diagnosis coding and procedure coding (where appropriate).

EduCode® Home Health Coding is designed to address the complexities of Home Health and help Home Health entities meet related requirements, reduce risk and promote the quality documentation that supports optimal care.

Coding Strategies® is a comprehensive online training program that covers the guidelines and in-depth information on the most frequently performed outpatient procedures. Exams are provided at both curriculum and course levels to allow coders to see how they performed and help management to identify both experts and those who might need extra help.



Among other Elsevier resources are:

Comparison Coding for All Content – Elsevier subject matter experts are adding pertinent ICD-10 information, such as codes and guidelines, to each existing ICD-9-CM lesson to provide learners an opportunity to visualize and understand the differences between the coding systems.

White Papers – Elsevier thought leaders provide informational reports and guidance on variety of industry topics.

Webinar Series – Elsevier conducts complimentary webinars designed to assist you in developing an educational plan