Avoid Violations and Costly Penalties

Virtually every aspect of healthcare is subject to regulatory requirements – requirements that continually grow and change. Compliance with this broad assortment of regulations is an enterprise-wide pursuit that requires not only vigilance, but also comprehension and knowledge of what constitutes appropriate response.

To assure that your organization is up to this critical task, Elsevier provides a variety of regulatory and compliance eLearning and other resources, including:

  • HCPro Corporate Compliance eLearning provides the knowledge your staff need to successfully fill their individual responsibilities in key areas of compliance.
  • The HCPro HIPAA Privacy and Security Library™ delivers pertinent information on related complex technical rules and their applicability by job role.
  • EduCode® Regulatory Essentials:
    • Privacy and Confidentiality looks at all aspects of this area of operations, including HIPAA, patient rights and penalties and sanctions for breaches.
    • General Compliance Training provides guidance on compliance issues, general documentation requirements and other related topics.
  • EduCode® Standards and Guidelines helps learners identify regulatory requirements surrounding documentation.


Corporate Compliance eLearning for Healthcare from Elsevier

HIPAA Privacy and Security eLearning from Elsevier

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How Regulations Affect Coding and Documentation

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