Available for Android and iOS phones and tablets, the Elsevier CDI Reference Mobile Application is an invaluable tool in your organization’s transition to ICD-10 and ongoing clinical decision improvement.

Available free from the most authoritative source of medical reference information, this app enables you to easily and quickly find the exact clinical terms or phrases you need to accurately describe – in detail – a specific condition, enabling you to:

• Demonstrate medical necessity for services
• Justify admission and treatment
• Accurately reflect severity of illness

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Significantly, this mobile tool was created with ICD-10 coding requirements in mind, with a focus on those conditions that have the most changes. Among the 45 conditions covered are Adhesions and Lysis, Chest Pain and Agina, OB, Perinatal Care, Spinal Disorders, Syncope and Collapse and Venous Thromboembolism.

Key documentation elements incorporated under each condition include:

• Acuity
• Designation of type of condition
• Etiology
• Associated conditions and manifestations
• Clinical indicators
• Staging
• Treatments or interventions
• Information unique to neonates or pediatric patients, if applicable

This dynamic tool will deliver the types of specific information you need to reduce physician queries, A/R days and claims appeals and denials, while promoting appropriate reimbursement and improving data quality.

In other words, the Elsevier CDI Reference Mobile Application gives you the precise data you need for optimal healthcare delivery, efficiency, compliance, quality reporting and reimbursement in this new era of healthcare.

While this Elsevier solution complements our EduCode Doc Briefs, it is more concise and presented in a bulleted format. It also incorporates additional conditions that are difficult to code.