Comprehensive Clinical Documentation Curriculum

We all know the challenges that medical coding and inaccurate documentation present. Unfortunately, just knowing isn’t enough to ensure the level of specificity and quality of documentation that will be required to meet the demands of this new coding standard. That’s where Elsevier eLearning comes in, with comprehensive coursework in clinical documentation designed for clinical documentation improvement specialists, coding staff and physicians.


Educode® DOC Briefs: Online ICD-10 Documentation Developed for Practitioners
With the recent transition to ICD-10, it’s easy to develop a type of tunnel vision that focused only on coding. Success requires a much wider view and range of training and education. That’s why Elseiver launched EduCode Doc Briefs, to provide appropriate ICD-10 education for another key group – physicians and non-physician practitioners – designed to help them identify and create the complete, comprehensive clinical documentation required.


Elsevier CDI Reference Mobile App
Available free from the most authoritative source of medical reference information, this app enables you to quickly and easily find the exact clinical terms you need to accurately describe – in detail – a specific condition.