Are you where you need to be in your ICD-10 transition? No matter the answer, NOW is the time to plan the rest of your journey. And we can help. As the leader in coding education for more than a quarter century, we know how to remove the risk and fear that comes with change, especially one as profound as ICD-10. Learn how our unique roles-based eLearning process and comprehensive plan can ensure a successful organization-wide ICD-10 implementation.

ICD-10 Conversion: The First Steps

With Elsevier as your partner in ICD-10 implementation, you have guidance and support every step of the way.

Learn more about how Elsevier can take your healthcare organization from pre-planning to post-implementation with the right preparation and the right training at the right time for a smooth and successful transition.

ICD-10 Conversion: Are We There Yet?

Now that your organization has completed an ICD-10 assessment, and improved your staff’s foundational knowledge — what’s next? Clinical Documentation will be a critical component to your success, and Elsevier has a solution. Elsevier’s EduCode Clinical Documentation Improvement is an eLearning curriculum with extensive education for everyone on the journey, helping providers identify critical documentation requirements

ICD-10 Conversion: 2014…and beyond

The moment you’ve been waiting for…your organization is ready to focus on ICD-10 coding. Elsevier’s EduCode Coding curriculum delivers hundreds of lessons in all the specialties, including outpatient procedural coding. And it can all be bundled into custom-tailored modules, so that you can develop a comprehensive educational plan and your staff gets the education they need for the ICD-10 transition and beyond.

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